Saturday, March 21, 2020

Why "TheTruePixarFanatic"?

You might be wondering about this one single username I go by and all of the main reasons behind why I chose it. So why do I even bother to go around calling myself TheTruePixarFanatic all over the Internet in the first place?

Well for one thing, I'm not like most other average Pixar fans from all over. I'm not the kind of person to hate on certain films in favor of others--in fact, I actually enjoy watching all 22 films as well as the shorts! And yes: I have heard of both the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command series and that 2007 documentary The Pixar Story. I also bought myself an annual Disney+ subscription so I can watch the originals, too.

Second, my CD collection consists mostly of Pixar soundtracks as well as music inspired by the films. It just so happens that I am also aware of the cover versions, remixes, and even Finding Nemo: The Musical. While some of the albums and tracks can only be found on either digital downloads, cassette tape or vinyl records, it certainly doesn't stop me from listening.

It also happens that most of my book collection consists of Pixar-related titles--whether they be the illustrated storybooks, chapter books, fact books, or even comics and magazines. I also hope to have copies of all 4 Artist Showcase books to read someday. What also connects this reason to the other one previously mentioned above is that there are certain audio versions for some of these stories, regardless of whether they're read-along or not.

And finally, my entire bedroom is a Pixar shrine. I'm talking about a huge collection consisting of many other items besides the on-screen, listened-to, and in-page stuff: A lot of merchandise here and there, scattered everywhere. This also includes games: Board games, card games, dice games, handheld mini games and even video games made for physical gaming systems!

Other than that, I am ready to begin my next Pixar marathon. My question is, what were my real Pixar favorites meant to be? There's only one way to find out, and that is through personality quizzes! (And before you ask, yes: I am aware about the real-life replicas and other influences including certain special events, some of which I have also attended or otherwise noticed or heard of through podcasts and online articles from over the years.)